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Tuesday, July 26, 2011! Collaborative Drawing.

Imagine this, you moved to New York and your best friend still lives in Connecticut.  You both love to draw and do artwork but you don't get to see each other much anymore.  Enter  This is collaborative drawing online.  It's not the most powerful online drawing tool but it's got a built in chat room and enough to do to keep my 8 and 13 year old kids busy for a long time.  Plus, if you e-mail the web address of the cosketch room you're in to a friend, they can paste it into their address bar and join you!  Then you can work together on a sketch, take turns adding to a sketch, or play any other online drawing game you can think of from tic-tac-toe to creating a masterpiece.

Here's one my son did yesterday.

Both my kids committed to the drawing for 365 days in a row game yesterday so this day 1 of 365.  My son wasn't too excited about the idea until I told him he could draw online and all of a sudden it was a cool idea!

As with all my favorite online sites, it's free and has no log-in. 

Try it with your kids!

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