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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mesmerizing Sand Art Fun

Here's the most simple thing available (from a user standpoint) available right now and yet amazingly fun and hey, no messy clean up!  Go to and you may think your screen is not loading!  But in fact you'll see a small grey square in the upper left corner and that means you've arrived at online sand art.
This is so simple to use that preschoolers and kindergarteners can try it to get used to clicking a mouse and moving around the screen.  And yet, the colors filling up the page will mesmerize children and adults alike.
When you click and hold down your mouse or trackpad "sand" starts pouring out of your mouse pointer into piles right below it.  Move the mouse around to get even distribution or hold it still to make a mountain of one color or another.
Speaking of colors, click on that small grey square in the upper left corner to find the sparse, simple control commands.  Everyone's favorite is C for color.  Click and drag across several colors to have the sand automatically change along a gradient or choose just one color.
If learning through play is a child's job then this fun app is made for working.  If you're an artist or an art student you can explore color and the color wheel in new ways.  If you're learning about gravity watch the sand slide down the mountains.  See where it pools and where is doesn't and figure out why that is.  If you're a skiier, imagine winter.  Can you make a flat line?  I found that very hard to do.  Can you make clouds?  Check out the gallery for zebras and more. Have fun!

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