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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Potato Song

Want a laugh? Want to learn more about potatoes? Wonderopolis is a fabulous site that highlights a new topic everyday for kids to learn some fun facts.  Of course, you can browse back through their 78 categories containing hundreds of fun vidoes to learn about all kinds of things.  Wonderopolis is run by the National Center for Family Literacy and its sponsors and brings another aspect of learning through play to the internet.  Here's my favorite Wonderopolis video right now.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Here Comes the Snow!

It's getting to snow season outside and when you're done playing in it you can come inside and make snowflakes in the warmth of your home. has a very good online snowflake maker.  Just click on "Make a Snowflake" and use the scissors to cut the paper.  Check as often as you want to see how your flake is coming along.

Once you're done you can save them, print them, email them or just let them go back into the ether.  And you don't have to pick up all the itty bitty clippings.

If you have access to Brainpop there's a great video about how snowflakes are formed at  These two sites together make for an informative and creative exploration of snowflakes.  But it's no replacement for getting out there and playing in the real snow!

Credit for these finds goes to amazing 4th grade teacher Stephanie Venerus.  Check out her blog at