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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Twister! Historical Tweeting for Students

This morning I found a very fun little project at called Twister.  The concept behind Twister is that you write a "tweet" that a historical figure might have said.  They have to use the figure's real nickname or make up a believable nickname for that person.  There's a perfect opening for talking about internet safety.  Then they add the person's real name and a 140 character statement that the historical figure might really have said.  Then also have to add a plausible date for the tweet which requires a little bit of research.  The site adds an appropriate background automatically.  ***PLEASE NOTE*** that although this site is intended for classroom use it's not all kid friendly so if you're just browsing through their examples you should pre-screen them before showing students.
Here's one I did for my good buddy Jaques Cartier.

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