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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Don't read it - Hear it!

Click on the play button to check out Voki.

Voki is a marvelous site for people ages 7 and up to create a character and bring it to life by making it talk.  I really appreciate all the options Voki gives you.  First you pick a character from anime to animals to historical figures, holiday characters and current political figures. Then you go on to pick from plenty of options for clothing, bling and backgrounds.  You can even "tweak" the skin color, hair, mouth and eyes.  There are so many educational applications for Voki and at home it's a great way to be creative.  For example, would grandma like to hear her grand daughter's voice saying thank you for the Christmas presents?  In the Voki above I typed the script but there is a record option also.

Voki has a classroom option and they have just simplified their login system for students making it easier to use.  At home or at school, Voki is a clever way to explore and create.

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